Business vs. Busyness: Why Being Busy Doesn’t Always Equal Productivity

Like many today, you probably feel like you have a very busy schedule. However, have you ever stopped to wonder if your all of your busyness really leads to productivity? Contrary to popular belief, there is a major difference between being busy and being productive. Being “busy” doing things doesn’t necessarily mean that you are accomplishing anything. While being busy feels like we are effectively completing many tasks, this is not always the case. The main goal is to decrease the busyness in our lives, in order to increase our productivity.

Learn when to say “Yes” and “No”

For some of us, we never want to let anyone down, so it can be very hard to tell people “no.” While it’s important to help other people, it’s equally important to take care of yourself. Everyone needs to understand that there is only 24 hours in a day, and that you can’t save the world in a single day. Saying “no” to certain requests, will allow you to better complete a fewer number of  tasks.

Multitasking Isn’t Always Effective

Just because you are doing many things at once, doesn’t mean you’re doing any of them very well. In today’s digital world, it can be a struggle to resist multitasking when we are surrounded by so many screens and digital technology. Turning your attention to one task at a time will help you to redirect your focus, to complete tasks more efficiently. It’s true that sometimes “less is more.”

Being “Fast” doesn’t mean “Doing it Right”

In modern life, we are often in a mad scramble. We are constantly desperate to cross things off our list and get things done. While it does feel good to accomplish tasks, you need to make sure that you are completely accomplishing your tasks. Instead of rushing through tasks, take things slow to make sure that you complete all aspects of a given task. This way, you can be more certain in your accomplishments.  

Determine Goals

Determining your goals will provide you with both clarity and focus. Instead of trying to do it all, write down a realistic number of goals you want to achieve each week. Setting fewer goals will  allow you to achieve them more efficiently.

Manage your Schedule

Adhering to a regular schedule and routine can help you to eliminate the needless busyness from your life. When you have determined your goals, write them down in an agenda or notebook so you can better prioritize your time. It is important that you don’t schedule too many tasks so that you won’t burn out. Be diligent when managing your time, so that you are fair to yourself.

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