What Charlie Brown’s Thanksgiving Taught Us About Document Management

In the classic Charlie Brown’s Thanksgiving episode, Lucy, of course, tricks Charlie into kicking the football once again. Poor Charlie is deceived and falls right on his back. Charlie and Sally plan on going to their grandmothers for dinner but the Peanuts gang inevitably ends up inviting themselves over to Charlie’s for dinner instead. Charlie panics because he only knows how to make toast and cereal but luckily the gang can pull together and make a unique dinner for them all to enjoy.  But what does any of this have to do with document management?

Be Prepared For Challenges
Everyone has those days where they feel like Charlie when Lucy pulls the football away from him when he tries to kick. No matter how hard we try, we just can’t get it.  It’s important to recognize that we will always have challenges and obstacles thrown our way.

Challenges are inevitable, so take precautions now to be better prepared in the future. More than 70% of businesses today would fail within 3 weeks if they suffered a catastrophic loss of paper-based records due to fire or flood. With a good electronic document management system, you can save yourself the “Charlie Brown missed the ball” feeling.

Collaborating Is Important
Charlie Brown’s cooking skills limited his Thanksgiving dinner options. But when all the kids in the gang used their skills, they were able to help Charlie out. Thankfully, because no one wants to eat cereal for Thanksgiving dinner!

To be successful in today’s competitive business world, it’s crucial for organizations to collaborate between departments and employees. When organizations use EDMS services, they can find, edit and sharing documents much easier and quicker, optimizing workplace efficiency.

Sometimes You Have To Ditch Tradition
Peppermint Patty was furious when she realized that Thanksgiving dinner was a combination of snack foods instead of a traditional Thanksgiving dinner. Like Patty, not a lot of people or organizations like to venture away from tradition. However, sometimes it’s more damaging to remain unchanged than to utilize new ideas.

Leaving traditional document management systems behind is much easier and more necessary than many realize. Paper based document management is slow, cumbersome and paper is susceptible to fire and water damage. It is easy to get lost in paperwork, which slows down productivity ultimately hurting business instead of helping it. Instead, try something new and switch to electronic documents that can be keyword searched and password protected.

Becoming a paperless organization is easy and you’re only 8 steps away!

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