Choosing the Right Document Management Company

Many organizations are turning to electronic document management systems (EDMS) because they enable organizations to electronically capture, store, retrieve and use business documents. EDMS are easy to use, increase office efficiency and reduce operating costs.

But with so many document management providers in the marketplace, how do you go about choosing the right one? Ask potential document management companies these key questions to help find the best fit for your organization.

Do your document management solutions integrate with other office applications?
Make sure the solutions that are being offered can tightly integrate into your current system. This will enable you to easily join your current applications with the new document management applications without having to start all over, or run two separate programs that do not work together.

Do you have a well-established customer base?
The company you choose needs to be able to demonstrate an extensive record of delivering successful document management solutions to different industry organizations. Also, if the company has a great record, its satisfied customers should be happy to act as a reference and share their success stories.

What’s your systems support like?
The document management company should possess a dedicated support team that can quickly respond to your needs. Make sure the company provides user training on new software and hardware so you and your staff can acquire the skills needed to maximize the capabilities of your solution.

What return on investment (ROI) can I expect?
Document management solutions have one of the fastest ROIs (returns on income) and your document management company should be able to demonstrate a sizable ROI.The advantages of an EDMS make a compelling case for implementing a document management solution. However, thought and research must go into selecting the right provider for the needs of both your organization and its customers.

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