“Dan the IT Guy” A New Series: Part 1

Hello Cyberspace, I’m Dan. I work at a small business in Western New York as their Information Technology Specialist. That’s my official title, but ever since I started here, I haven’t been known as anything other than the ever common and cliché, “Dan the IT guy.”

In the big picture, I secure servers and resolve computer meltdowns and malfunctions. While day-to-day, I fix urgent problems such as speakers that don’t make any noise, computer screens that freeze and passwords that won’t work. 

I am a strong believer in completing tasks easily, quickly and efficiently. I believe it’s these traits that keep employees happy and businesses successful. Unfortunately, every day I witness the inefficient ways of my office, which have sparked this blog. Here I can tell the stories of the methods that keep this office in the 90’s. For real though, there are people here that still use erasable pens. I will not only provide you with great stories, but hopefully solutions too. 

I even plan on writing as the action happens, everyone will just think I’m furiously battling against those eminent hackers that are dying to get their hands on our employee dress code pdf. So keep an eye out for my next post and in the meantime make sure you follow @bielsDM for more information about yours truly.