Document Conversion Is Easier Than Ever

Drowning in papers?  You and your company could be saved by converting all your documents.

Founded in 1939, Biel’s Document Management has years of experience serving and satisfying customers with document conversion solutions.  Whether your company is interested in moving these precious files to a more efficient electronic document management system or simply convert these texts and keep them safe in storage, Biel’s has the solution for you.

The phrase document conversion can at first seem scary or intimidating… taking all those files and paperwork and messing with them.  Not only is it overwhelming but also can make you and your company fearful of misplacing important documents throughout the process.  Whatever your fears or hesitations may be, the staff at Biel’s is carefully trained to handle the files during all steps of the conversion progression.  Each month, over 2 million images are created from the scanning and conversion efforts from the skilled staff at Biel’s.

Benefits from Document Conversion:

  • Printing, copying and overall paper cost reduction
  • Less lost or misfiled documents
  • More office space after conversion
  • Reduction in costs of labor associated with the organization and upkeep of all files and papers

Our brief video below shows the process of Document Conversion with Biel’s and how it could be the best move to make:


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