Document Management Solutions for End of the Year Tasks

The beginning of the new year is a good time to focus on new habits and hobbies as well as a good time to reflect on the last year. The end of the year is often a frantic and busy time for many businesses. There is so much that needs to be done before the year is finished and so little time to accomplish everything. To make this time easier next year, there are many document management solutions that can help you to accomplish all your end-of-the-year office tasks. Below are some common end-of-the-year tasks, with document management solutions to help you accomplish them.

Review Old Documents

If your company is like most companies, then you probably have a stack of papers piled up in your office that you don’t know what to do with. While you certainly don’t need to keep all of your documents, you need to carefully determine which documents you need to retain and which to discard. When you convert your paper documents to digital documents, you can make better decisions concerning your documents. Digitized documents will allow you to sort through documents with speed and ease. You can easily determine which documents you no longer need, allowing for increased workflow efficiency in the office.

Technology Upgrades

The end of the year is the perfect time to consider technology upgrades in the office. It is a good idea to go through your office to make sure that everything works. You should also consider new technology that will streamline your processes and increase your office efficiency. Document management solutions are technological solutions that will do this for your office. These solutions will spark revamped productivity for your office in the new year.

Prepare for Tax Season

Tax season can be terrifying if you don’t have all of your needed documents assembled. A document management solution is essential for any business or accounting department that is going to efficiently handle tax season. AP Automation is one such solution that automates invoice processing, to streamline any accounts payable process. AP Automation also allows you to instantly correct any errors or incorrect data.

Regulations and Compliance

Many industries are required to adhere to data regulations and compliance. Such industries include the healthcare and legal industries. The healthcare industry particularly, needs to adhere to strict HIPAA regulations. With regulation standards, organizations need to retain documents for a specific amount of time and they also need to ensure that their documents are secure. Many random audits are done periodically to ensure that document regulations are being followed and these audits may occur at the end of the year. A paperless, document management system can ensure that documents are secure, maintained and easily accessible, making audits and compliance a breeze.

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