Don’t Wait Too Long- Beat Procrastination

Procrastination is  something that everyone has to deal with at some point. With our constantly growing to do lists and never ending stresses, there are some days we just cannot get our work done- and then end up putting it off. Don’t fret, here are some tips to help you fight your procrastination and feel better when it happens.

Just because you procrastinate from time to time (more frequently for some) does not mean that you are lazy or a slacker. Don’t make the situation worse by being angry with yourself. Figure out the real reason you are putting off the work and as soon as you accomplish that, you’ll find that your work does not seem so daunting.  You will feel better and be more productive at the same time.

Think about how you are in the moment and where you want to be in the future. Once you link those , you’ll be able to connect how your actions now are affecting you in the future. Then you’ll be more apt to start your project early to meet the deadline before it’s due. If we don’t care about ourselves in the future then we won’t change our behaviors now. Think about what the outcome from your behaviors could be. Does it make you happy? If so, great! If not, put your future above what you want right now.

Even if you don’t feel motivated enough to finish the project, all you have to do is start it. Baby steps.  Even just five or ten minutes a day, you will feel more accomplished and less stressed. It might even keep you inspired to continue on for another five to ten minutes!

Procrastination is something that we can all over come, even when it seems like it is a bad habit you can not quit. Forgiving yourself, discovering what is holding you back and taking small steps in the right direction is a great way to be productive and improve your habits for the new year.

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