Easy Tips To Get…And Stay Organized.

We all know we could stand to be more organized, but it’s probably more important to your workflow than you may realize. A dysfunctional workspace decreases your productivity and adds unnecessary stress to your day. But if you dedicate some time into reorganizing your desk, files, and work processes, eventually you can turn a workspace you loathe into one you love. Here are some tips:

  • The first step is not buying cute little storage bins before you know what you need. They will end up just sitting in a corner in your office and become antithetic when they create more clutter, instead of reducing clutter.
  • Start figuring out what you can remove from your workspace, and actually removing it. As good as your organizational system may be, if you don’t actually get rid of anything, you will still have excess clutter. Eradicate all of the old, outdated or otherwise useless paperwork, information that is available online and duplicate copies that are unnecessary to save.
  • When you can’t spread out, spread up, and utilize vertical space by choosing tall, skinny furniture. Plastic chair leg protectors are useful for stacking things on top of electronics that would easily overheat.
  • Organize your electronic cords once and for all. Write on mailing labels and wrap them around cords so you know what’s what quickly, and then group similar ones together.
  • Establish a harmonious color scheme. Whether you choose soothing neutrals or a bright color that you love as an accent, monochromatic storage containers and accessories will provide a sense of calm order to your workspace.
  • Tastefully decorate your workspace. Have a piece of furniture, art, photographs, a plant, an award or some object that you love to look at.
  • Color code! It’s a common trick for simple grouping of similar files, but it really does make everything easier to find.
  • Have a designated inbox separate from your main workspace to avoid a daunting mess of papers.
  • Keep your to-do’s in one place, instead of over a variety of electronic files or on a bunch of sticky notes so you don’t lose or forget about important information.
  • Make sure the files on your computer are organized and as simplified as possible, clean up your desktop, and keep your contact lists updated.
  • Give everything a home. Never label a storage unit as “miscellaneous” and avoid large catch-all desk drawers, because they are a recipe for disaster.

Now that you’re finally organize, stay organized! Any organizational system is only as good as your willingness to maintain it. Take a few minutes at the end of each day to tidy up, which makes it easier to start your next morning on the right foot, and makes your vague goal to “get organized” totally attainable.

Not only can we all use a more organized office space, but also a better organizational system for document management! To find out more about the solutions Biel’s presents to create happier, more organized businesses click our website!