Every Print Counts: Determining How Many Copies You Actually Need

One? Ten? Sixty? Six hundred? With the technology of today, we have the capability to reproduce anything, an infinite number of times. In many cases, resources are what’s limited: paper, ink, budgeted funds if the project is being outsourced. Naturally, some idea of the number of copies is necessary. Let’s figure it out:

Step 1: Copy and Paste

So how many people are you trying to get information to? How many do you expect? Start with that number and add 10% for an indoor occasion or 20% for outdoor. This is a safe rule because while you are being realistic with your number, you have wiggle room to plan for higher attendance or any damage from external elements in the case of outdoor events.

Step 2: Go big or go small

If you are looking at your number and it isn’t matching your budget, consider looking a little bigger or smaller. Bigger prints or displays can communicate the same message with the same reach as giving each individual a copy and sometimes at a lower price point than printing many copies. Things to consider when going bigger is to redesign the display for a greater impact or a location change. The best location for a larger display would be a  central point where people will be waiting, looking around, or next to a focus point. If you are looking to go with a smaller print size, look at the same ideas. Redesign will be a must, but distribution is also something to consider. Creative distribution of a smaller print item can have a similar impact to the larger display.

Step 3: Only print enough for distributors

If you want customers to interact with your company, use your employees as brand ambassadors. Print enough copies for necessary staff and let your people do the talking. It allows customers to interact with your brand and build a relationship with your company through your staff. Each and every member of your workforce is an asset to your company. Utilize what you have at your fingertips. To enhance the display of your copies, have them laminated to maintain the copy and a clean aesthetic.

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