Feel Better…With Document Management

If you stop and think about the amount of paper that your doctor’s office uses on a daily basis, you’ll realize that it’s enough to, ironically, make you sick! Patient history, financial records test and x-ray reports- the list seems never ending. That is why so many offices are now going digital and reducing the time and stress that was once part of their daily routine. And while the idea of no more stress and less time is enough to make you want to start the process now- it does not end there.

Cut down on carbs. Oh, I mean costs! In 2010, health care experts said that by switching to electronic records, medical offices could save billions. Of course there are the traditional paper costs to maintain the paper (equipment, storage, etc.), however, add in the costs of calls between the doctor and insurance or pharmacies, prescription pads, sending results to labs and other medical practitioners. It’s a crazy amount.  Of course the equipment to go digital can be expensive- but the payout is well worth it.

Instant cure.  With electronic documents, the office will spend less time searching and more time spent with patients, getting down to the problem and solving it much faster. The instant access of patient records will not only provide headache relief for the doctors, but a quicker solution for patients. Linking hospitals and doctors will result in an overall increase in health and happiness.

Follow the rules and do it safely. With an electronic document management system, offices will find it much easier to comply with HIPPA and increase information security. It will be easier to be consistent with policies despite location and speed of access.  For more information about HIPPA and what you need to know about data protection, read our post, “What You Need to Know About HIPPA Compliance and Data Protection”.

Utilizing an electronic document management system will not only bring relief, efficiency and reduced costs, it will provide move time for doctors and patients to interact, improve doctor patient relationships and overall health. Your document management system needs to work hand in hand with your existing health information system. With a Biel’s solution – admission packets, chart components, EOBs and even resumes can be digitized and incorporated into your existing processes. For more information about electronic document management can help your office, contact us here.