FileBound Facts

        Biel’s offers a variety of beneficial solutions for businesses. FileBound is a workflow automation solution that allows businesses to capture, store and manage documents. It can manage scanned images, electronic documents, even physical files. It improves the way you manage your documents while saving you time and money.  The solution can store multiple kinds of content in a secure location. You can receive data internally and externally while allowing users to access it when, where and how they want to. Employees can use it with a smart phone, laptop or tablet and have the same experience no matter what.

      The Colorado courts found themselves over extended in trial proceedings that required an increasing amount of manual labor that was in short supply with the result being increasing costs and decreased process flow.. They started using FileBound and it helped the court create a process that was easy to use and efficient enough for all the judges to approve. By taking all the court’s processes into one system, judges and clerks were able to access the latest information in all of their cases. Judges were able to gain immediate access to all cases and documents; aiding their ability to view all files, motions and decisions as soon as they were made. Clerks could log in and update information as quickly as needed.

The courts also benefited by:

  • Shortened trials by days
  • Increased communication between all parties involved
  • Reduced amount of paper, eliminating storage space.

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