Five Reasons to Outsource Your Document Conversion Project

1.    Keep Focus on Core Business 

Document conversion helps organizations run more effectively and efficiently. However, if it is not going to be a core focus of your organization, having in-house document conversion has the potential to distract from core business practices. Converting documents in-house requires resources like employees, space and time, and giving these resources over to document conversion takes them away from other, perhaps more important, aspects of the organization. By outsourcing your document conversion project, your organization can stay focused on its core business while its paper documents turn into digital documents.

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2.    Eliminate Software and Hardware Costs

 Converting documents in-house can be an expensive endeavor as it will cost your organization the employees, space and time as well as document conversion hardware and software. The hardware and software must be purchased, installed, maintained, and continually updated to keep up with technological changes.  Outsourcing allows your organization to not only its employees, space and time but also eliminates buying and maintaining hardware and software, saving your organization thousands of dollars.

3.    Higher Quality 

A good document conversion company will have the best hardware and software ready to use for your conversion project. Scanners that are production level scan front and back simultaneously, use ultrasonic detection to automatically check for double-feeds, and can even scan in color. Hardware is also routinely checked and serviced for optimal functionality. The software that accompanies the hardware is sure to be the best on the market with functions that can only benefit the project outcome. The digital documents will also go through a quality control center that will delete blank files, inspect for folded corners or poor quality documents, and fix any issues with the documents so the finished product is of the highest quality.

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4.     Faster Completion

 On average, a document conversion company can complete a project 40% faster than when an organization completes it on its own. Those same production level scanners that are giving you the highest quality digital documents also scan 200 pages per minute. Combine that with the experienced staff members and practiced conversion routine to result in a quicker completed project.  Document conversion companies know the most efficient way to get your documents converted from paper to digital.

5.    Rapid Disaster Recovery

 As your documents are converted to digital, they are put onto your organizations or a cloud-type server and are accessible from any computer. Therefore, if your organization was to experience a natural disaster, there will not be any data loss and your documents can still be accessed if they are needed. Going one step further, if you decided to have the conversion company, or a document storage company, keep your original files at their site, you would have two sets of data, one on-site and one off-site, making any type of lost data virtually impossible.

And don’t forget… 

When you decide to outsource your document conversion project and need to choose a company, make sure to consider the following aspects:

·       How many years of experience the company has converting documents
·       Reliability of the company
·       Security of the documents
·       Building and storage space
·       Hardware and software being used
·       The cost to complete the project

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