Get Your Summer Fill In

For many, Memorial Day marks the beginning of summer and Labor Day marks the close. With less than a month of summer left – there is not much more 85 degrees, 15 hour of sunlight, days left. How have you celebrated your summer? Do you feel like you have at all? If you feel like you’ve been trapped at work and are wasting away the summer, it’s not too late to enjoy it. Here are 4 ideas to bring the sunshine into the office:

  1. Make the most of the time you have. Offices tend to be more flexible this season so take advantage of any summer programs. Even just having leaving an hour earlier on a Friday can increase your summertime fun. If your office doesn’t offer scheduling and you cannot work different hours (coming in an hour early to leave an hour early) still use the time you have to your advantage. Head outside during your lunch break and walk around downtown.
  2. Make your office feel like as if you’re outside enjoying the sun. If you can’t be outside the entire time bring the sun in. Add brighter colors to your desk, from tropical pictures and hangings to a bright tape dispenser. If you can keep it alive, bring in plants or flowers. And if the decorations a no-go, put summery scent air fresheners around you.
  3. Get active! For both those who love, and hate, exercise summer is the best time to get some in. Sure you can use a treadmill all year, the dedicated may brave serious weather for a workout, and our cold-weather friends love to hit the slopes. But for many the summer is the perfect time. Ride your bike to work, walk on your lunch break, or play a pick-up game with coworkers instead of happy hour.
  4. Plan one exciting event during your time off. If you have any extra PTO now is the time to use it. If you only have weekends, use those two. Any time you have a day off spend the maximum amount of timing doing your summer activities. Catch a show, head to a nearby beach, run a 5K, bike your town just pick your favorite and go. If you can plan one exciting getaway for the summer even better!

Biel’s encourages our customers and employees to enjoy the summer responsibly and safely.