Habits of Productive People


Are you holding yourself back at work? Almost everyone can agree that they could be more productive at work, but that is easier said than done. Drinking excessive amounts of caffeine or making lists will not help you reach peak performance. So why is there this emphasis on efficiency anyways? It might have to do how difficult it is to stay on task. With the numerous digital distractions that surround us every single day, try implementing some of these productive habits.

Give yourself a deadline

Have you ever tried to work while nearing a deadline? Your focus gets boosted, you work faster and distractions seem to disappear. There is something about a deadline that makes a person thrive. Although serious deadlines can be stressful, try to have fun by setting personal deadlines. You can set priorities and a specific deadline to get each priority accomplished. People have developed the habit that they will leave for they day once they finish, but this usually makes people stay at work longer than they are supposed to. Try setting an exact time to pack up your things and head out of the office. This can naturally increase your focus and help to get your work done. You’re going to love how this can increase your productivity.

Deal with things right away

If something comes up that can be dealt with in a few minutes, go do it! Postponing the issue will make you lose your focus on your current task, but will stay on your mind until it gets done. Be careful when you step away to take care of the SMALL issues. Under no circumstance should these tasks be the start of a long project or you will not get anything done. Immediately dealing with these small tasks can provide a perfect break for a few minutes and you will come back to your original work refreshed.

Clutter, Clutter, Clutter

GET RID OF IT. Clutter can be on your desk, excess files on your computer, disorganized documents and your e-mail inbox. Take a few minutes of your day and get rid of the clutter one step at a time. Go clean up your clutter now, thank us later.

Minimize your distractions

Distractions are the number one killer or efficiency in the workplace. Distractions are everywhere. It can be that pit stop at a co-workers desk, someone walking around the office, frequent e-mail checks and the list goes on. It is impossible to remove all distractions in the office, but removing some from your daily routine will boost productivity. The first thing you should do is set certain times of the day that you check your e-mail. Checking your email 30 minutes before your lunch break or before you leave will give you enough time to respond to an e-mail if necessary. Lastly, if you do not need your phone for work, turn It off! Your phone can be a major distraction and it is unprofessional.

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