InStream Acquires Biel’s Document Management and Twinstar

InStream Acquires Biel’s Document Management and Twinstar

The acquisitions deepen and extend InStream’s commitment to providing superior customer service for their unbeatable workflow automation and ECM solutions nationwide.

Nashville, TN  – October  19, 2016 – InStream, a Nashville, TN-based company known as a leading national provider of enterprise content management (ECM) and workflow automation solutions, has recently acquired Buffalo, NY-based Biel’s Document Management and Denver, CO-based Twinstar.

The newer, larger InStream will now have 5 locations with offices in each time zone, covering all geographic areas of the US.  InStream, Biel’s, and Twinstar share many of the same business values, philosophies, and processes, making these acquisitions a seamless fit for InStream’s ongoing mission to provide unparalleled levels of business process automation, customer service, and technical support to its national client base.

“For InStream clients, these acquisitions place InStream as one of the largest, strongest, and most competent privately held integrators and innovators in the ECM marketplace,” said InStream President and CEO, Mark Hinson. “The addition of well-respected regional providers Biel’s and Twinstar to our team instantly adds 101 years of business experience to our brand. InStream clients, prospects, and vendor partners will see tremendous value as we add Twinstar and Biel’s to the InStream suite of solutions for healthcare, financial, government, and corporate applications.”

By bringing Biel’s and Twinstar into the fold, InStream instantly burnishes their reputation as a leader in the ECM and workflow industry. The company is now strategically positioned to utilize their impressive network of human, financial, and technology resources to develop creative and complex solutions for corporate applications across the US.

About InStream

Clients in all industries achieve new competitive advantages from InStream’s automation of document-intensive, core business processes—through system development and integration or by Business Process Outsourcing (BPO). InStream’s experience with traditional enterprise content management (ECM) technology includes document capture, EForm, workflow automation, and case/records/document management software. InStream also provides ECM services to organizations wanting to outsource non-core, document-intensive processes, including scanning, data entry, benefits enrollment, check scanner fulfillment, virtual mailroom, and image lockbox services. Get started today: www.InStreamllc.com

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