New Life for Old Documents

In the back of many offices sits a pile of old documents that no one really knows what to do with. Some might be unsure of whether or not these documents need to be kept.  These old documents are often a nuisance, taking up valuable space that could easily be used for something else. So what is there to do with all of these old documents? An excellent solution for your old documents is digital document conversion. When you digitally convert your old documents, you can improve their quality while increasing their shelf-life. Below are a list of old documents that can be brought back to life with document conversion:


Microfilm is one of the oldest, and longest-lasting methods of document management. It is still one of the most widely used forms of archiving. Your organization may have a high volume of microfilm that you would like to use in the digital age with current technology. Biel’s scanners can digitally convert your Microfilm images so they can be viewed on the internet, computer or disk. News publications, Libraries and Government Offices have all digitized their Microfilm, allowing them to be viewed on an online database. Biel’s Digital ReeL solution will create a digital replica of your old documents.

Government Records

 Any town, village, or city in America is bound to have archives full of old documents. These documents can range from birth/marriage/death certificates, to building permits, to census records. Such government records have to comply with retention policies and security compliance. Biel’s can ensure that digitally converted government records comply with all regulations.

Cemetery Records

 Cemeteries have a high volume of old documents, that sometimes date back hundreds of years. These records might include photographs, lot registers, birth and death certificates and biographies. Digitally converting these historic documents will greatly increase their shelf-life, making the accessible for generations to come. Biel’s recently converted over 400,000 images, dating back to 1853, for Buffalo’s Forest Lawn Cemetery.

Old/Rare Books

 We all know what happens to books as they age. They become faded, torn, stained and sometimes smelly. Old books aren’t always usable or legible. With book scanning you can digitally scan a book. Book Scanning is an excellent solution for Libraries, Universities, Publishers and Newspapers. Digitally converting old books will also greatly increase their shelf-life.

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