What Would You Do If You Had More Office Space?

In business, location is key. Geographic location is crucial in order to target your market and serve your clients and customers in that market. The same can be said for the physical arrangement of your office.

Every Monday through Friday we get to work, pass reception, pass other offices, and pass the copy machine, all before we settle into our own office or cubical to begin our work. However, we rarely notice the elephant that’s standing in the middle of the office. This elephant is the room where all of the offices documents are being stored and the documents themselves.

Whether for federal compliance, reference, or simply because “that’s where the files go”, this room is a place many of us may have never even stepped foot in. But what if something else was in this room? Something useful, beneficial, and profit generating.

Not to say that storing your documents isn’t important; in fact it’s just the opposite. You can utilize other ways to store your documents so the physical space you do have in your office can be used to its full potential while increasing the security and accessibility of your documents.

Some industries are in a situation where they have more than just one room where documents are being stored. In these cases reclaiming extra room becomes even more valuable.

Here are just a few of many things that can be done with extra space around the office.

More Offices
It’s common for offices to relocate due to expansion. However, if you can make more room in your existing office, not only will its operations be more fluid, but you can bring more people into your office, saving all costs associated with relocation.

A Bigger Office
Yes, a bigger office. Perhaps you’re ready to graduate out of that cubical you’ve been hiding in for the past couple of years. More office space would allow many people to have their own office and a little more breathing room to get work done.

Specialty Rooms
Conference rooms and meeting rooms are crucial in any office setting. Whether you need a comfortable room to meet with clients, or you would like more room to collaborate with your colleagues. An extra room would allow for better communication, better presentations, and when it comes to the bottom line, better profits.

Break Rooms
Office culture is rapidly becoming a crucial decision factor for both current and prospective employees. Adding a break room or lounge would increase the appeal of any office and in return employees would be much happier at work. After all, relaxing on a couch with an ottoman is much nicer than getting cream cheese on your keyboard at your desk.

Increasing office space by converting paper documents to digital, allows your company to expand, increase efficiency, and increase revenue. What you can do with your extra office space is up to you, and the sky is the limit!

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