Organize Documents the Way You Do Business

According to Google’s Eric Schmidt, the world creates the same amount of information every 2 days as previously had taken millennia.
In your business life, it can feel like a similar press of data is being created. This is especially true with the volume of invoices, budgets, presentations, and other documents that are created and managed by your team.

The weight of documents and information means it is difficult to uncover useful content that your team would want to reuse. And that leads to large volumes of content rusting away while team members work hard to rebuild content from scratch. Related to the issue is one of process. Since documents are frequently tied to business processes – say, invoice approval or contract management – it is important to keep documents linked to the relevant business activity.

The Discovery Challenge of Document Management
This discovery challenge is why it is so important to organize documents for easy retrieval. And an effective way to organize content is to match the structure of content to the way you do business. That means using simple tags, rich metadata, and workflow processes to provide structure.

Many use metadata elements like geography, business unit, product, and other descriptions to structure their documents. And naturally they use document management software to simplify the process.

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