Prevent “Wild Document Chases”

In our last post, we discussed how document management software can provide an efficient solution to the problem of document versioning inconsistencies. Even more troubling than the complications of document inconsistency are the difficulties of finding misplaced documents. The ability to find a needed document is a basic necessity for the operations of any business, and hindrances to this necessity comprise not only a headache for knowledge workers and their supervisors alike, but a detrimental problem for a business as a whole. Luckily, effective document management software holds the solution.

Documents are frequently misplaced because they are not organized properly or labeled consistently; physical documents, in particular, are often lost because they are not stored together in an orderly fashion. These losses result in some of the worst “wild goose chases” of the business world, in which team members are forced to waste valuable time, resources, and energy searching for lost documents. Often, these chases require the navigation of many drives, applications, and folders—digital, physical, or both—in order to view the content associated with the document in question. Sluggish, inefficient search function offers little assistance in these situations, and all too often, the document chase proves futile. When important documents cannot be found, knowledge workers are faced with the daunting task of recreating and refiling the lost content belonging to said documents.

The software offered by Biel’s contributes to a user-friendly document management system that ensures your important files are consistently organized for easy access and security against misplacement. A powerful search function allows for immediate retrieval of documents on demand, ensuring that your business can always access important information. In short, organization prevents document misplacement and makes for logical, easy access, while effective software functions make finding misplaced files a non-issue. For more information, please contact Biel’s today and allow us to help you prevent the document chase.