Revamp Office Efficiency for Increased Productivity

Looking for ways to make your office more productive? Need to improve efficiency while eliminating distractions? Below are a few tips on how to increase productivity in the office. It’s amazing how changing just a few things can make such a huge difference in efficiency.

Reorganize if Needed: Do you find yourself have to go across the office multiple times a day to ask questions or share work with a coworker? If needed, rearrange your office to work with traffic flow. Moving certain employees closer together can increase communication and productivity. If space is no longer needed, especially after going paperless, than it might be a good idea to repurpose space. You can create an area that will be beneficial for the office. For example, it may be a good idea to position the printer in a central area of the office, where everyone can have easy access to it.

Eliminate Unneeded Distractions: When reorganizing, get rid of things you don’t need. Whether there is are stack of trade papers from 1998, broken printers or old fax machines, you should get rid of anything in the office that isn’t being used for work.  A more minimal and spacious office creates a less cluttered environment that will be conducive to office productivity.

Create a Comfortable Office Space: Nothing is more frustrating that having to sit on a chairs that are unsteady or squeak. This doesn’t mean you have to invest in couches or chaise lounges, but employees should have comfortable chairs to work on. Also, you should be sure that there is sufficient light in your office for people to work under. The temperature of the office should also be comfortable. Fixing a few of these things will make your employees happier, leading them to work harder.

Go Paperless: Do you and your co workers spend an inordinate amount of time searching for files? Is the high paper volume in your office sometimes too much to handle?  If either of these are true your company could greatly benefit from going paperless. Reducing paper in your office will eliminate file cabinets and free up office space, allowing you to use new space for other uses.

Enter the Cloud: Converting your paper documents to e-forms in the Cloud will eliminate paper and increase productivity. With Cloud technology, all authorized employees can gain access to documents through any computer, tablet or smartphone with an internet connection. Collaboration will flourish in the Cloud as multiple employees can collaborate on a project. The Cloud allows for the whole office to be on the same page.

Maintain a Consistent Schedule: While employees occasionally need time off or to leave early, they should ordinarily have a set workday routine. Getting everyone on a set routine, will allow for increased collaboration and for more work to get done.

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