Scan For Space, Security and Simplicity

The right paper scanner can help speed up transactions, reduce paperwork and archive important data. Transforming paper documents into digital allow give you the ability to run instant keyword searches and find documents and information within seconds. Are you looking for a reason to start scanning your paper documents? Look no further.

Save Space
Office space is expensive. Filing and storing hard copies of all fo your business documents can take up entire rooms. 10,000 paper documents, that would normally fill an entire file cabinet can fit on one CD. All you need to do is scan and digitize  to start storing all of your documents in a lot less space.

By scanning paper documents you are able to send information to others with speed and ease. A document that has been scanned and is now digital, can be sent instantaneously through email. Getting a hard copy of that document could take days or even weeks to be sent through standard mail, which can also be costly.

Data Access
Paper documents that are misfiled, or never filed at all, waste hours of employee time when it comes to search and retrieval. Document scanning grants workers the ability to search for digital documents by keyword instead of searching through drawers and drawers of filing cabinets. This increases productivity and efficiency as well as allows multiple users to access the same document at once.

Secure Backup
Scanning is also a simple way to prevent data loss. Physical copies of documents cost companies time, ink and paper. Creating copies in a digital form is as simple as connecting a hard drive to a computer and moving the files you would like to copy. Even small storage devices like flash drives have the potential to hold a lot of information and allow that information to be portable and user-friendly. Digital documents are a lot more diffiult to lose than their paper counterparts.

Editing Documents
Scanning documents creates an easier way to edit or change documents in image editors and word processing programs. This allows employees to add comments and make notes without changing the original document. New versions can be saved each time changes or edits are made, without ever losing or permanently changing the original 

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