Spring Ahead, Be More Productive

The weather is warmer, the days are longer and the snow is finally starting to melt, well most of the snow. Many people find more energy when the spring finally arrives, but often times that energy doesn’t go towards our work. With the warm weather, flowers and sunshine, comes a lack of focus. The spring is a great time to change habits and spice things up a bit.

Do some work outside. Being stuck in the office all day can cause us all to get a little antsy and give us Spring fever. If you know you have some calls to make, use the mobile technology we all love and take them outside. Rather than eat lunch at your desk, take a walk outside or read a book on a bench. Getting some fresh air is a good way to clear your mind and feel the sunshine, making the rest of your day go easier causing you to be more productive.

Take an afternoon off. Check the weather for the week and figure out which day is going to be the nicest and take some time for yourself. American’s are known for not utilizing time for themselves. In fact, many American’s don’t use their vacation time at all. You don’t have to take the whole day off, just block off a few hours on a nice day.

Stop hitting snooze and get outside. Now that it is warmer outside, it’s easier to stop yourself from hiding under the covers when your alarm goes off. Get up, get outside and walk or run. Just a few days a week will really impact your mood and of course your health.

Plan ahead. Now is the time where many of us start making plans for the summer. Many plan trips but instead, why not take the time to figure out what goals or new habits you would like to make. How can you improve? What goals or projects have you been putting off?

Don’t let the warm weather deter you from your work. It is possible to enjoy the warm weather as well as increase productivity and improve your business.

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