What You Should Tell Your Boss About Document Management

Many companies procrastinate going paperless for a variety of different reasons.  Companies talk about document management and how it will improve their  business processes however, it often gets pushed aside by the day to day tasks that need to be accomplished.

  • Companies procrastinate going paperless because they do not like change.  Many companies are thinking that they have done business the same way for years, why change now and take the risk.  They realize that their current systems may have problems, but getting a new system can create for more problems than they already had.
  • Training is another big reason companies put off document management.  You will have to take away time from work to train employees to use the new system. 
  • Money can be a problem for companies.  Your company needs to understand that you will be saving money once you start using document management.  The money required to initiate the switch to document management is nothing compared to the amount of money you will save in the long run.

Here is a look at 7 things about document management that will make your boss want to dive into the conversion and document management world.

  1. Avoidance of human error – Many of us spend a substantial amount of time trying to find a specific document needed for a client. A user may have misplaced the document, or even have thrown it out on accident thinking it was trash.  With document management you can decrease human error and be ensured that your documents will be easily searchable and always available when you need them.
  2. Accessibility – With more and more people working from home, or traveling, it is critical that they are able to access their documents from anywhere at any time. Yes, you could carrying paper documents. What happens when you are on a flight and halfway through you realize you’ve left a document you need at the office.  With a document management system, you can pull that document up in a matter of seconds.
  3. Increase productivity – Use the time spent searching for documents and put it towards work elsewhere. Your employees will be able to complete more tasks that are more beneficial to the business.
  4. Reduced storage – The cost of commercial property and the need to store paper documents means that paper based document storage competes with people for space in an organization. With a document management system it allows any paper to be stored digitally greatly reducing cost and increasing space available.
  5. Disaster recovery – Natural disasters are no problem with a document management system. If a flood, hurricane, or earthquake decides to hit your office, be assured that your documents can withstand disaster.  Paper documents would get destroyed, but having them saved electronically will keep them standing tall in the end.
  6. Reduce cost – Paying employees to organize files, along with file cabinets and extra storage space to store all of the companies documents, can be expensive.  With a document management system you can cut both of these costs and start saving money.  There is a fee for the filing and scanning technologies, but after that the cost are very low.
  7. Security – Security is one of the key things with handling documents. You have the opportunity to share documents, but you also have the ability to deny certain users access.  You are also able to decide who can edit, add, and delete documents.  You will receive notifications as well as to when someone opens a document.

If you ever considered inputting a document management system now is the time! Once you start using a document management system, your company will be able to receive all the benefits and greatr improve the workplace.