The Problems of Manual Data Entry

Manual processing can be a very tricky and mind numbing process. Data entry consists of transferring data from a physical state into a digital state with other various procedures involved as well. In recent times, where technology is at an all-time high, there is less and less need for manual data entry because everything is being done through computers and advanced technology. By using new technology it decreases and solves the problems of manual data entry.

Too Much Money

Manual data entry takes a lot of money to conduct efficiently. Employees need to be properly trained for any kind of data entry and training is a huge amount of time and money for the company.

Human Error

The next really important problem in relation to data entry is human error. Everyone knows that humans are not perfect and there are going to be times when mistakes are made, whether it is spelling, grammar, or punctuation. Using automation will reduce the margin of error.

Time Consuming

When entering information manually, it takes up a lot of time, no matter how fast one can type or process information, it will never be as fast as it needs to be. Typing in a lot of information can be tricky and cause individuals to lose focus and this will also add to the time it takes for data entry. Not being fast enough leads to a big delay in data availability.


The last issue with data entry is misinterpretation; this means that because the entries are being conducted by humans there is always room for misunderstanding. Everyone’s mind thinks differently and understands things in different ways and the same goes for data entry.

There are many problems associated with manual data entry but there are also many ways to combat these problems through advanced and upcoming technology. In the future, manual data entry can be changed completely, who knows what is to come ahead.

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