It’s All About Time Management

With the clocks going back an hour and the anticipation of the holidays getting closer, the days seem to really fly by.  More and more I am hearing coworkers sigh and say, “Where does the time go?” So, what is the best way to accomplish everything on your to-do list?  Time management is the best way to increase your productivity and organizational skills.  The more of these you use, the more you will get done each day.

Prepare. Before you leave work, write out your list for the following day. Not only will you feel better when you leave, making you more relaxed at home and able to sleep better, but it will help you increase your productivity throughout the following day. By writing it down you are able to clear your mind and really relax, ready to face the new day. 

Find the time you work best.  Everyone has a certain time of day that they are most creative, most productive and work the best. It’s crucial that you understand yours so that you can schedule your day around that time. This is the time of day that you feel the alert, creative and your absolute best. If you work better in the morning, that is the time to work on any important tasks or projects that you have. 

Schedule.Schedule. Schedule.  Your time is precious, so planning your days and weeks will make you much more productive. Being in control of your time and tasks will make you feel less overwhelmed and keep you on track. Carry a planner around and be sure to include break times in your schedule.  You may have to schedule a time for social media and emails, rather than doing it throughout the day.

Stop hitting snooze.  This means going to bed at a smart time and waking up early. Giving yourself more time in the morning allows you time to plan your day and have a few minutes to yourself.  Also, the more you hit snooze, the more tired you will be throughout the day, so get up as soon as you hear the alarm.

Mastering time management can be difficult but once you do, everything will fall into place. You’re productivity will increase and so will your confidence. Utilizing your time at work will also help you relax at home.

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