Time To Reduce Paper In the Office

It’s common for most people to require a clean, clutter free desk to maximize productivity, yet many of us struggle to see through the mountains of paperwork that some how make a home on our desk. Not only does it take over our desk space, it also takes over our time, slowing us down and in some cases, wasting billable time. If this is the case for your organization, it might be time to reduce paper usage in the office and start looking at your business processes and determine if they are actually hindering your business. A document management system will clean off your desk, speed up processes and improve employee’s happiness and efficiency.

By reviewing business processes and improving them with a document management system, many organizations find that the benefits don’t stop at just saving thousands of dollars. Most will find that customer service, reduced costs and speed have all improved – not to mention with a clear and clutter free desk, employees will be as productive as possible.

You’re first step is focusing on converting small areas of your business.  Create a team that focuses on reducing paper  throughout the organization. Begin scanning small, specific areas, internal documents or incoming mail, then slowly work your way into other files and documents. Having a specific time frame is important and keep employees on the path to meet all the deadlines. These need to be realistic goals that all employees agree with; having everyone on the same page is crucial for success and efficient transitioning and improvements. Have regularly scheduled meetings to report progress to management as well as announcements to keep all employees informed. A paperless office is possible and is extremely beneficial.

Businesses can lose a lot of money due to clutter and disorganization. Staying organized and reducing your organization’s dependency on printing and paper will save your organization time, money and boosting productivity. For more information about reducing paper in your office and finding a document management for your organization, contact Biel’s today.