Top 10 Benefits of Running a Paperless Business: Part 1

Converting from paper-based to paperless can be intimidating but with a plan and properly trained staff, the concerns and fears about paperless can easily be overcome. Paperless businesses improve the security of documents, while increasing office efficiency. If your company is considering the switch to paperless, there are ten impressive benefits you can start looking forward to! Here’s the first five – check back next week for Part 2! 

1. ROI
Many people think the switch to paperless will cost more, in terms of training, hardware and software than continuing to be paper-based. And, while expenses do exist, the return on investment is enormous. For some businesses, the switch to paperless can pay for itself within a matter of weeks or months.

2. Labor Savings
Paper is extremely time-consuming to work with as it requires a great deal of time and labor to organize and retrieve. On average, office staff spend about one hour per month searching for and replacing files. If this is the case at your company, the move to paperless could pay for itself within a month.

3. Printing Costs
Printing hard copies of business documents requires the purchase of paper, toner, ink, the printers and their maintenance. In most organizations, going paperless can save more than $500 per person per year in these supplies.

4. Photocopier Costs
Photocopiers are very expensive to purchase and maintain. By going paperless, employees can access and edit a digital document then electronically send it to a co-worker or save it. These documents can also be accessed simultaneously, eliminating the need for multiple copies.

5. Lost & Misfiled Documents
7% of all paper documents get lost or misfiled. A secure and backed up paperless environment, greatly minimizes the risk of losing or misplacing a digital document. And if a disaster should occur, digital documents can often be recovered, whereas paper documents could be gone permanently.

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