Valentine’s Day In the Office

Bouquets of flowers, boxes of chocolates and funny yet sweet cards make Valentine’s Day exciting. However, it evokes different emotions in everyone, some are happy, some not so much, which allows room for some awkward moments, especially in the office. That’s why celebrating Valentine’s Day in the office is walking a fine line.

  • Avoid getting gifts for one or a handful of colleagues. It will make someone feel left out or uncomfortable. If you want to bring in gifts, bring in cookies or something that everyone can enjoy and be included.
  • If you do get gifts, don’t do anything too expensive/inappropriate. It will just end up being very awkward.
  • Valentine’s Day brings out a variety of emotions. It’s important to keep your emotions in check and try to keep them out of the office.
  • Don’t use this time to discuss your love life with everyone in the office.  Keep it to yourself.
  • Don’t use Valentine’s Day to behave or dress inappropriately. Dress for work not for your date after.
  • Be sensitive to those around you who may not receive gifts; try not to be too showy if you receive gifts.
  • If you are sending a gift to your significant other‘s office, be cautious of the message you are giving off. Sending flowers is okay, but there is no need for the four feet tall teddy bear and singing card in a professional setting.
  • Try to plan ahead – don’t make those last minute reservations or gifts at work. Panic makes you look unprofessional and you don’t want that to reflect on how prepared you are for your work responsibilities.

Remember all the things that you love about your job and all of your co-workers.  Make it a team building activity where everyone can share what they enjoy about their jobs or the office. It is a great way to remind ourselves and others why we do what we do while keeping us grateful and productive.

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