Ways to Inspire Your Team

Being a leader is difficult because the job description is always changing and never ending. Of course the task that never changes is how to lead the team and the question that always follows is, “How?”

Employees will always have challenging days and to get them through, they need motivation, which leaders can supply by creating an inspirational environment. Here are six steps to start motivating your team.

Think Towards the Future
If your organization believes in promoting from within, let your employees know. Scant opportunity for growth means little motivation for employees to work to their full potential.

Share examples
Give your team examples of both failures and success, so they can relate to you. Share stories about people who have overcome challenges and succeed. Show your team that what one person can do, so can another.

Use inspirational messages.
You never know whom your words will touch on any given day. So every message, even short ones, should have an inspirational message/aspect. When speaking with employees, in small groups or at a meeting of more than 100-plus, use the opportunity to connect and inspire.

You are the example.
When you do catch someone doing something well, praise them where others will hear.Tell staff members to behave like an owner.Putting the spotlight on this kind of behavior has a way of catching on and creates a positive and motivational work environment.

Consistent behavior is key.
It’s impossible for employees to build a relationship with a leader whose leadership style changes from day to day.  If you regularly promote positive, inspirational, motivational behavior, then that’s what you will see happening. This technique is the opposite of intimidation or manipulation, which are the lowest forms of management and leadership. Leaders must realize what they wish to promote  and stick with that message every day.

Ask about motivation.
What inspires one person might not work for another. Make the effort to get to know your members of your team. For example, salespeople work on commissions. While many said larger paychecks motivated them, one team member found her inspiration in the things a paycheck couldn’t do (taking time off or going  to the kids’ soccer games).

So ask employees, “What’s your why?”

You might not be able to use all of these steps in your organization, but by implementing even a few, you’re telling employees you care. And that’s the best inspiration a leader can offer.