Where Are All The Great Employees?

Everybody knows that to be a successful business, finding great employees to work for you is crucial.  It is not just top level management that can make or break your company, but also all other employees within the company including lower level employees.  Unpleasant or dissatisfied employees, poorly trained workers, rapid turnover, or a toxic work environment can set your business on a path that you might not like.

The first way to ensure you’re hiring a good employee is to ask for a personal reference along with professional references.  Obviously hearing from the professional references and previous work places, you will learn what professional characteristics the employee has, whether they’re hard working, timely, productive, etc. A personal reference is needed is to ask close friends or family members different types of questions that help reveal their character.  Companies are looking for employees with great character along with great work ethic.

Another way to ensure that you hire a great employee is that you need to be clear about the job description.  The worst hire is someone who is great at one aspect of the job, and awful at others.  If you need a well-rounded hire, be sure that he or she has successful experience in each aspect of the job. It will be helpful to rank your requirements in the order of importance to the company.

The last way to ensure that your company hires a great employee is to make sure that you are very thorough with the interviews and scheduling of interviews.  You don’t want to miss out on a potentially good employee because you can’t fit the interview in your schedule.  All of these points are extremely important in the search of finding great employees.  Following these tips will ensure that you find a great employee for the position you are looking to fill.