Who is the winner in the smartphone race? Amazon Fire could lead

When it comes to discussing smartphones the current debate lies between the Apple iPhone and the Samsung Galaxy.  Many experts have voiced opinions and reviews onto which device functions better overall. Similarly with computers, people are set on their preferences… either Macs or PCs and usually they have some strict reasons as to why they are so passionate about one operating system against the other.

A funny ad that showcases the stereotypical mac vs. PC argument can be viewed below:

Mac vs. PC

While smartphone users may not have such strong sentiments when picking a smartphone, generally consumers make their decisions based on the phone features, branding, and what’s popular among their friends and family.  According to the Pew Research Center “Internet Project”, over 58% of American adults are in possession of a smartphone and 90% of adults have a cellphone of some kind (2014).  The debate over which is the best can be seen as more important than ever before.

Up until now this smartphone race/contest was strictly between Apple iPhone and the Samsung Galaxy, however a new player has entered the contest.  On June 18th CEO of Amazon Jeff Bezos unveiled to the world the Amazon Fire smartphone, giving demonstrations of the unique features on this device.  Some of these include Firefly, an app that has the ability to recognize items such as a QR code, games, CDs, barcodes, and episode titles.  The app then takes this information and gives the user options on the screen.

The Fire also holds the Amazon app titled “Dynamic Perspective” which allows for 3D depth when viewing maps, games, and other activities.  Equipped with its own cloud storage and music streaming applications, this phone has the capability to compete with the rest.  As a part of the Amazon brand, Fire phone users are allowed access to a free year of Amazon Prime as well as access to many movies, tv episodes, and music through Amazon make the smartphone an appealing deal.

 What do the experts think?

In terms of the device’s ability to compete with industry leaders such as Apple and Samsung, opinions are divided and unsure of the success the Fire will see.  According to a commentary titled “Amazon’s Fire Phone Is Too Much Too Late” in the “Digits” section of the Wall Street Journal, commenter Christopher Mims writes, “ People are loath to switch from the phones they already have, and in the process abandon all the apps and media they’ve bought” (2014).  He later mentions how the high saturation in the market for smartphones will tie into this point and eventually cause the extinction of Amazon’s Fire like previous Windows phones created before.

Taken from Forbes, a contrary viewpoint seems to believe that there is hope still for the giant Amazon to find success in the marketplace.  Writer Tony Bradley is quoted in the article “Why the Amazon Fire could be a game changer” to have said, “The fact that we already have great smartphones to choose from is not, in and of itself, a reason for potential rivals to throw in the towel without even trying. We already had search engines when Google came along. It is possible to disrupt an established market if you have the right device, with the right experience, at the right time”

Bradley later reminds us of the strong brand power and hold Amazon carries itself, factoring this in to the future predictions for the Fire mobile device.  Along with Bradley many others seem to believe this is indeed enough to pull consumers away from other smartphones and convert them to the Amazon product with all the perks it holds for lovers of the brand.

With it still being very early in the game for Amazon and it’s new smartphone, the success of the Fire will tell with time and if brand loyalty will be strong enough.   Watch more to see Jeff Bezos present the Fire phone and formulate your own opinion on this new piece of mobile technology.

Amazon Fire Smartphone