You’re Only 8 Steps Away From Paperless

Too many excuses are made for companies not transforming to paperless. But the sooner you begin your transformation to paperless the sooner you can reap the benefits and be wondering how you ever functioned efficiently before! Here’s the simple, 8-step plan to get you started.

1. Make a plan. Find out and decide what documents your company needs to keep in paper format, which documents can be scanned and which can be destroyed.

2. Make a change happen. Going paperless is a big change so first, train your employees. People must understand how to use the tools they have in front of them to make this change successful. 

3. Get a desktop scanner. Administrative assistants should have a desktop scanner to make the scanning process convenient and easy. Give them training and a proper place to file scanned documents.

4. Put the plan into action. Assess and attack the current paper situation. Start shredding, sending and scanning! Become a paper hater.

5. Convert all paper possible to digital. More and more companies are offering paperless statements. Change subscriptions, newsletters and reports to digital.

6. Get rid of the fax machine. Convert to a desktop scanning solution. Remove your fax number from business cards, email signatures and letterhead.

7. Have a proper document management system. One that helps you easily save, store, search for and retrieve documents. Make sure everyone is fully trained on how the system works.

8. Commit. Commit to being paperless and make everyone in your organization commit. Going paperless is easier than ever thanks to readily available technology. Make the commitment and get started right away!

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