3 Quick Questions Before You Go Paperless

Thinking About Going Paperless? Start With Answering These 3 Questions Doesn’t a paperless office sound great? No piles of papers, no file cabinets, no more money spent on ink and toner. To start your transformation to paperless, take a few minutes to answer these three questions.

What are the goals of your organization?
What does your organizations want to achieve by going paperless? Is it looking for an easier way to archive? Improved efficiency? Or the limitation of the amount of money spent on paper production and upkeep? Knowing exactly why your organization wants to switch to paperless will enable you to choose the right method of transformation and retention.

How will our organization ensure the security of our data?
If your company is running on mainly paper right now, it probably has a security procedure pertaining to those documents. But how is your organization going to keep digital document safe? Keeping documents on a server or in the Cloud is a great start to document security but other measures are going to need to be taken to guarantee the safety of your documents and information. Some of these options include password protection and automatic back up.

Can your organizations goals fit your organization’s budget?
Converting from an organization that runs mainly on paper, to one that runs paperlessly can only be achieved with the support of your budget. It’s important that the goals of your organization align with the budget that is given to this project. This ensures that the project to paperless can be completed and the goals of the organization can be achieved.