Outsourcing Records Management: A New Year’s Resolution

After ringing in the New Year, many organizations are searching for a way to decrease spending while functioning as efficiently as they can to meet and exceed their consumer demands.

There is a way for organizations to do this in 2014, and if you read the title of this blog post, well then you know where this is going. Outsourcing your organizations records management to a document management company is an easy and effective way to save money and increase efficiency.

Are you looking for specific benefits of outsourcing? Compliance, long-term storage and staffing are the areas covered when you outsource your records management.

Every organization is subject to some type of regulatory guideline when it comes to their information and documents. However, keeping track of all these regulations can be complicated and frustrating. By outsourcing your records management to a company that specializes in that field, that daunting task is no longer your responsibility. A good document management company will store your records and make sure they are kept or destroyed according to regulation avoiding heavy fines for noncompliance.

Many organizations have to employee extra staff members to take care of records management. These staff members implement regulatory compliance, improve records management policies as well as store paper files and access documents that are in storage. If you outsource your records management, all those tasks are taken care of by your document management company. This allows your organization to focus on creating revenue instead of taking care of records.

Long-Term Archiving
Some business documents need to be kept long term, in some cases for more than a decade. That means your company has to have the space and staff to maintain all these records. Outsourcing the storage of these documents frees up office space and employee time. A good document management company will have a controlled storage facility that prevents any damage to your documents.

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