Preparing For The Week Ahead

Most people like to use their weekends for a little rest and relaxation but in reality it is the perfect time to get ready for the work week ahead.  When you prepare for the next week it takes away any interruptions and improves your focus. Here are three tips that you can use to utilize your weekend and prepare for your coming week.

Prepare your environment. Think of everything you do to get ready for the week, laundry, filling your gas tank and the fridge not to mention the general cleaning of your office, house or car to start off fresh. It might be helpful to take the time to create a place next to the door to keep your keys and other pocket items that would help you get out of the house faster.  If you notice that when you read the paper, you are late for work, you could limit yourself to one section. You can always try out different routines and see what works for you.

Organize your agenda. Take a few minutes over the weekend to look over your coming calendar. Mark down any tasks that you would like to accomplish and give yourself a deadline if you don’t already have one. Doing this will help you keep focused on your priorities.

Prepare your mindset.  It is important to take a few minutes and write down what challenges you may have meeting your goals and tasks. Brainstorm ideas of how to handle any issues and challenges and what you can do to make the week go well. This will help you go into the week with a plan and a good attitude.

While it is nice to relax on the weekend, it is even better to have a smooth week. Just taking a few minutes to prepare will be incredibly beneficial. You’ll be happy that you did!

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