4 Ways to Stay Productive On a Sunny Day

In Buffalo, the summer is short and sometimes not so sweet. So, when the nice days do come around, it is extremely difficult to stay productive at work when you know it’s sunny and 75 outside. I’m stuck in a cubicle all day while, at this very moment, there are rays of sunlight beating down on the ground. My car has seen more of a tan than I have all year and I just have to suck it up. While I am at work and missing the lovely weather outside, I have four ways to make myself stay productive at work, and they are as follows:

  1. Listen to music – Nothing gets me through a day like music does. Whether it be beautiful or ugly outside, music always seems to distract me from anything else that is going on around me. Having no distractions will increase your productivity. Plug those earphones in and get to work!
  2.  Talk to co-workers – Now this doesn’t mean stand around and socialize all day. What I mean is as you continue your work, simply having small talk with the employees around you can relieve stress and distractions. Talking to other employees gets your mind off what the weather is like and makes you focus on the tasks at hand. Talk to co-workers but don’t abuse your freedom.
  3.  Don’t be ashamed to stretch – I have found that stretching is an important aspect in life. Especially when you sit at a desk all day. When you find yourself daydreaming about what it looks like outside, take your time and stretch it out. Your body is ridding of that tense feeling and you feel like weight is off your shoulders. Keep both your body and mind focused and this stretching will keep you productive.
  4.  Change it up – Change what you are working on every 30-40 minutes. Refresh your mind and hop from one project to the next. At times, I find myself focusing too hard on one certain thing and then causing myself to daydream and not think straight. Move on to the next project and then come back later. Changing your work will keep your mind focused on being productive.

The days that happen to be nice outside, I am usually working myself. I use these four strategies every day and stay as productive as possible. If that sun is shining outside and you’re stuck working, just try these approaches today, and I’m positive you’ll get through it if I can! For more tips, follow us on Facebook and Twitter.