Small Victories in the Office: 3 small ways to boost office morale

A large portion of any business is customer service: make sure the client is well- taken care of and their experience will result in more business and profit. However more recently, companies have seen just as much profit resulting from good employee care as client care. Employees that have a more positive view of their workplace tend to be more loyal to the company and work more positively.

Let them wear more than one hat

Whether or not an employee is new to the company or industry, they should have a full perspective of the work you do. Shake up their daily routine by allowing one or two duties from another position to slip onto their plate. That will encourage coworkers to learn from each other and build better relations within the company. The cross training will also benefit the employee in that they understand the bigger picture of their work and they get a chance to sharpen other skills they may have.

Make affirmation a habit

An employee’s value should be communicated consistently, both in regular conversation or in special circumstance. Check yourself at the end of every conversation- did you recognize your coworker for something beneficial they did? Did you use language that emphasizes their importance on the team? Now, consistent doesn’t mean forced.Genuinely and sincerely appreciate your employees for the benefits they bring the company and how their work allows the group to function properly.

Be flexible

Splurge for bagels. Set up casual Fridays. Offer temporary telecommuting or more days off. Investing a little in the little things can make a big difference in the employee experience. Being flexible in response to an employee’s needs can positively benefit the company.

Investing in one or more of these strategies will offer both your company and your employees small victories that will accumulate over time in profit. The monetary satisfaction is awarded to the company while employees feel their value and sense of belonging skyrocket. Employee experiences with your company are just as important as client experiences and the rewards last much longer. Here’s to your success- keep up the good work!