Women In Tech

Math, Technology, Engineering, and Science (STEM) fields are some of the fastest growing fields and are expected to continue such growth. Yet most of the positions in these fields are held by men. Women make up a small minority, albeit growing. Furthermore, people are calling for a change, with the likes of panels on gender bias at South by Southwest. President Obama has even spoken on the topic of woman breaking the so-called glass ceiling. In honor of Woman’s History Month this March, we present Woman in Tech. These three woman changed  the game as we know it.

1. Sheryl Sandburg – Mrs. Sandburg is the COO of Facebook. She started her career as a former Google Executive before joining the Facebook boardroom team, as the first female. Mrs. Sandburg is also a published author. Her book Lean In is all about female empowerment. She founded a non-profit under the same name and made a $31 million dollar investment to further back woman in the workplace.

2. Susan Wojcicki – Mrs.Wojcicki is  the CEO of Youtube.com. As both the 16th Google Employee and YouTube CEO, she has monetized GoogleAdwords, brought YouTube under the Google name, and the original marketer for their search engines services. Mrs. Wojcicki is a firm believer in work-life balance being a mother of 5 kids. She has gone on record, to state that kids have made her work better.  Google’s reputation as a parent-friendly employee is largely due to her efforts. Mrs. Wojcicki currently supports and petitions for federally mandated, paid parental leave to include more woman in the work force.

3. Karen Spark Jones – Wrote the first theory to make search engine results possible through information retrieval. She was known as first in many fields, for she worked in a time when woman were confined to more domestic pursuits. Mrs. Jones was a firm supporter of woman in technology.She believed the greatest and most complex problems could only be solved through the lens of a female mind.

They are a true inspiration. Their talent, drive, and innovation changes the industry. Through their voices and successes the world has seen all of the potential woman have. This is the next generation and they will become the next leaders.