So, You Want to Be a Paperless Office

You finally did it, you decided to make your business paperless. Now you’re sitting in your office wondering, “How do we start”? One of the first steps in going paperless is figuring out how much paper your company consumes. Note: not every business can be truly paperless. In order to accomplish this, you must first understand how much your company is spending on paper.

Where You Are

On average companies spend between $80 and $1000 per employee, depending on the industry. When coming up with how much you spend on paper you must also take into consideration the equipment services needed to maintain your paperwork. To help streamline the process, here is a small list of some of the costs and equipment you may incur on an annual bias;

  • Paper $80-$1000 per employee
  • File cabinet $250-$2000+ per cabinet
  • Printer/Copier $300+
  • Ink $18 per cartridge
  • Fax Machine $300+.

Notice how quickly these costs can add up.

Where You Want to Be & How to Get There

After you have figured out how much paper your business uses, you must determine how much how you can go about reducing paper consumption. This can be largely dependent on the company’s willingness to work with an outside consultant.

Now, here is the hard part the execution. Speaking realistically to maximize effect, you will need to a consultant. Your consultant can help determine where you can cut down on your paper consumption, as well as convert and organize all of your necessary documents.

After converting the documents, cloud service can make it so that any file is accessible from any company device you chose. Unlike paper documents your files will not be susceptible to disasters at the office like flood or or fire.

Going Green

Finally, by going paperless you will be reducing not only your company’s cost but also its carbon footprint. Which is healthy for the environment and, may also lead to various tax incentives. Biel’s would like to help you on your path to paperless. If you have any questions, please contact us today!