Pitfalls of Manual Data entry

It’s late you’ve been working all day, you’re tired and you just want to go home. Unfortunately, you have one more order left to put in the system. You finish it and go home. Now a week later the order comes in for one thousand custom units, but the order was supposed to be for one hundred units. But it’s too late now it cannot be undone. There in lies one of the problems with manual data entry. The potential for error. This is an issue can be avoided with the implementation of an automated data entry system from Biel’s.

Human Error

It’s easy understand why you would be reluctant to automate your data entry; you have to think about your employees, employees like John. John is a great worker. He types one hundred words per minute, he works hard, and he takes pride in his work. But the problem is, that he, like anyone else, is prone to make mistakes. As many times as he may check his work, it’s always possible that one minor mistake may be overlooked. A small order of ten can easily become one hundred or one thousand. Human error could cause major issues for any department of your business. With Biel’s automated data entry software, the probably for error can be reduced by 99%.

Financial Costs

Additionally, another aspect of automated data entry that reflects one of the biggest improvements is cost. Assuming your company only has one person working full-time on all of your data entry, each year your business will have a cost of 15k in wages per employee. This is assuming that you are paying your employees minimum wage, in reality however, your company would probably pay employees between 20k and 40k a year (the Average Data Entry Salary Range). Now if your business has a department of just twelve people, this could mean an annual cost of up to half a million dollars.

Streamlined Business Processes

Finally, the area where there is perhaps the most substantial improvement is in a company’s efficiency and productivity. Automated data entry allows for a far more streamlined process of storing and retrieving company information. Reports that took hours or days to file, now take mere minutes. Employees can now be placed in more satisfying roles that support other departments that may need more manpower.

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