Managing Workflow in the HR Department

The HR department is the department of the people. At least, the focus should be the people. But what happens when HR gets buried under mounds of paperwork, complaints, legal statuses, and resumes? They become about paper not people. When your organization utilizes electronic document management, you can put the focus of HR back where it belongs, by managing workflow effectively.

Benefits of HR EDM

Creating an HR document management system creates a sense of organization and efficiency associated with each employee. All the employee forms, from applications to mid-year reviews, can all be stored in one convenient location. With an HR document management system, documents stored in one location you help to comply with government regulations. Along with meeting compliance regulations, it can also increase collaboration between documents, and have greater security control. Additionally, electronic format ensures that the documents can meet certain regulation because they also make it easier to securely keep and destroy information for the required schedule or retention time. By having online documents they can be better stored and shared. The HR department cross-cuts almost every department and having an easier method of sharing increases total company collaboration. Yet when collaboration occurs, control must also. Online document management is a great way to ensure only trusted access and secure storage.

By having the above procedures and benefits, HR workflow is dramatically improved. The department becomes their best selves. Having a productive and focused HR department brings across-the company benefits.

These benefits include:

  • Eliminating paper – reducing organization, promoting green, and smarter storage.
  • Stronger evaluation – storing past evaluations in one system makes for a cleaner and more organized performance review with past data
  • Cost savings – from printing, filing, paychecks, and time   

If your business could benefit from HR electronic document management please contact, Biel’s today. We can provide comprehensive, secure solutions for all of your HR needs. HR software integrates well with your current systems, making implementation smooth fast, and easy.