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It’s Time to Go Mobile

Think about how often you see people glued to their phones, sitting at a table at a restaurant, not even talking to each other. These days, society is being
shaped around a small device that can just in your pocket. With so many people on their phones, why haven’t more businesses started implementing a mobile-optimized website.

But Why?

Believe it or not there are still some companies who do not want to hop on the bandwagon and create a mobile website for their business. You can argue this and say why fix something that isn’t broken? It may not be broken, but it may be costing your organization more than you think.  67% of companies consider mobile tech to be extremely important to improving their business process. Yet only a third of these companies have a mobile-optimized website.  People value the gift of time, if you can make a process easier and faster for your customers then chances that they will come back. With mobile access to data, turnaround is much faster and that in will increase office productivity. This will also boost customer service satisfaction.

Another benefit of mobile applications is data capture. It will increase competitive advantage by saving time and reducing costs. With a camera, the ability to enter metadata and form fields on large and bright touch display, and a high-speed communication link this is easy to do.

Where to Start?

A  mobile application is crucial in an always connected world. We’re constantly on our phones and tablets, and while a mobile website is good, a mobile app is great for screen resolution for all devices. It is a great way to engage with customers and an even better step towards a mobile strategy.

So time to join the 20th century and hop on the technology era. It’s not about how hard you work, it’s about how smart you work. If you’d like more information about mobile application, please contact Biel’s today!