Tired of Lost Documents? Try a Document Management System

Being a small business owner is not easy, and if there was a way to shed some time off your day and put some money in your pocket, what would you say? I bet you would say, “Tell me more”.

Electronic Document Management Systems

An EDMS makes storing documents; faster, cheaper, and easier to retrieve than ever. As a result, there is no need to rush back in to the office to just access your important information. With an EDMS you can sit down, relax, and keep drinking your cup of coffee and at the touch of a mouse, sitting at your kitchen table you can view any document within seconds. There is no need to worry now about losing a file or spending half of your work day searching for a document that’s been misplaced. Electronic workflow will allow you to search a keyword, in order to find what you are looking for with the ability to review, change or delete it.  The more paper documents you have, the harder it is to share with co-workers, and it will be an extremely slow process. Think about how many departments one piece of paper goes through. It’s challenging to get it through each necessary person quickly and without error.

EDMS Is Scalable

Most businesses store their documents in paper-based filing cabinets, or local desktop drives. Therefore, this creates issues with space, retrieval time, increase of misplaced documents, and security issues. As your organization grows, you have to start accommodating more physical space, and that can take over the office. EDMS are scalable, so when your company decides to thrive you can add as much space as you would like. This is possible with the use of cloud storage. You might be saying to yourself, “I don’t trust putting my documents in a cloud”. To answer that question, businesses from all around the world ranging from small all the way up to the government have been safely using a cloud for years. This is because the encryptions on the files are so advanced and complex. Cloud storage is efficient, reliable, and trusted.

So, what are you waiting for?

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