ABC: Advantages and Benefits of Conversion

For 75 years now, Biel’s Document Management has been the top paperless document service in the Buffalo area. Thousands of businesses and organizations all around the world are using document imaging instead of using paper filing systems. However, you may ask, how can Biel’s benefit your company? First consider what the biggest issues are that your company has with its documents. Are files lost or destroyed? Are they messy and unorganized? If this is the case, Biel’s can definitely help. As information becomes more readily available, files continue to grow larger and the tasks of document management become more expensive and time consuming. Biel’s can provide your company with a document imaging solution that will offer advantages and benefits such as:

  • Preventing lost records
  • Saving storage space
  • Managing records easily
  • Finding documents quickly
  • Making images centrally available
  • Eliminating the need for file cabinets
  • Saving time and costs
  • Securing documents

Businesses waste a lot of time searching for documents after they have been lost or misfiled. Employees may have a hard time managing all of the documents or there is a limited storage space available. Whatever your reasons, there are many benefits to going paperless.

At Biel’s, we scan a variety of documents such as financial records, engineering drawings, medical records, catalogs, computer reports, business documents and even photographs. Any type of file your company wants scanned, Biel’s can take care of it and help organize your business. Going paperless organizes all of your company’s documents and makes them readily available by quickly searching that document on the computer. Our goal at Biel’s is to help your company remain as productive as possible and make the transition to a paperless office simple and easy to use. It’s convenient, quick, organized, and overall just easier. It will transform your business from an unorganized pile of papers into a finely structured, and easily searchable digital storage system.

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