A Healthier, Happier Office

There are many benefits that come from having a healthy working environment; increased productivity, happier employees as well as reduced absences. If you adopt any of the following suggestions, you and your colleagues will be much happier.

Start moving
Regular exercise and activity is a great way to improve the general health of employees. Some great ways to encourage colleagues to take more exercise is to offer incentives by making a running competition, obstacle course or other team building activities.  Any increase is a good thing, so start small and build your way up.

Inspire the office with color
Colors affect us in a variety of ways, so using certain colors in the office can have a big effect on mood, productivity and creativity.

Brown evokes feelings of security, reassurance and credibility

Blue can increase focus and productivity

Red is known to increase energy levels and conversation/collaboration

Orange can inspire excitement and enthusiasm

Add plants
Having a lot of plants around the office improves not only the appearance but also health and productivity. You will also add some color and interest.

Encourage healthy lunches
Eating healthier is not only good for weight loss but for the immune system, skin, concentration, memory and creativity. You can encourage these changes in a number of ways. One is by leading by example and make changes your own diet. When people ask why you have changed it up, you can explain and encourage them to do the same.

Keep things clean
Ensuring that the office is as clean as possible is an effective way of reducing allergies and passing on germs. Provide hand sanitizers in areas where hands may become dirty or germs may gather.

Open a window
Allowing fresh air into the office will reduce the need for air conditioning by moving the air around and creating a breeze. It is also good for digestion, makes you happier, cleans your lungs and gives you more energy.

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