Automated Data Entry

With Biel’s AnyDoc Solution, an automated data entry software, over 3,000 companies are increasing their productivity up to 400% while keeping the same number of employees. They are also cutting costs and time that were wasted on manually entering data.  Now, employees are able to spend their time in more productive ways while AnyDoc automatically transfers the data.

Optical Character Recognition, or OCR, allows you to take pictures of documents and convert them into searchable, editable information.  It can get take data from almost any document, including bar codes and hand written characters.  When the data is taken from the document and added into the computer system, you are able to customize how the document can be edited, shared, transferred, and retrieved.  After the regulations are set up, the data is available for analyzing, reviewing, etc.

AnyDoc will be able to upload almost all of your paper documents into virtual documents.  It will accurately transfer the information into the system.  Error from humans trying to transfer and copy information will be eliminated.  AnyDoc is about 99% accurate. Labor costs will be eliminating since employees won’t have to waste their time doing tasks that AnyDoc can do.  With AnyDoc, employees can more work done in the time that they have.

Information can be transferred instantly.  Decisions can be made based on the analysis from the data that AnyDoc determined.  Also, it allows multiple employees to use and work with the documents simultaneously.  AnyDoc is safe because if necessary, it can require passwords and has restrictions on what co-workers can see and use.

AnyDoc will quickly transfer data virtually.  This will allow quick access to information almost instantaneously.  It will increase productivity by automatically extracting data rather than having employees have to do it manually.  AnyDoc is very accurate.  It will save the company a lot of money, and will increase productivity and efficiency in the workplace. For more information about AnyDoc and what it can do for your organization, contact us today.