Avoid March Madness: Time to De-Clutter

Spring is almost here, thank goodness, which means that sunshine. warm weather and spring cleaning are upon us. Because we have some more time and we are currently stuck indoors fighting the frigid cold, use the time to get ahead and start de-cluttering our home and work space. Being clutter free now will give us more time to be outdoors and productive when the long awaited warm weather finally appears.

Set Aside Time
We all have a lot going on in our lives, personally and professionally, so making sure that you have enough time to work on the project is important. Getting half way through and then having to leave for another task or because you’re bored is a sure way to procrastinate  and continue putting it off.

Have a Plan
What do you want your work space to look like? When you look at your desk, what bothers you or distracts you the most? The best thing to do is to start throwing away trash and clutter. Grab an empty box and load it up with items you don’t use, no longer want, or just need to discard.  Only keep functional and useful items in your work space.

Sort Paperwork
I know from experience how easy it is to be lost in a sea of paperwork on your desk.  Start a pile for incoming paperwork, papers that you use daily or need to review, etc.  We would of course recommend digitizing your documents. You can clear up your desk and have an organized, easily accessible electronic document management system to use.

Check Office Supplies
Go through your supplies and make sure that each item has a place. Keep everything that is used daily in a drawer close by and utilize cabinet space.

One you’ve finished, enjoy your new open space! Now is when you are going to have to fight your old tendencies and keep everything off the desk and in it’s designated spot. For more tips like these, follow us on Facebook and Twitter. For more information about document management, contact us.