No More Time for Distractions

Having a strong work force is the most important resource a business can have. However, not providing that work force with a solid, motivational environment can cause terrible and avoidable distractions that even the best employee can’t work through.  There are so many productivity killers in the office; it’s astounding that anyone gets anything done.

Stop Social Media

How many times a day do you stop between projects or right in the middle of what you’re doing to check Facebook or Twitter?  By taking on new projects and staying busy, you’ll have less time and less of an urge, to stop and scroll through Facebook.

Texting Time Out

How often are you looking at your phone throughout the day? Checking our phones and texting are huge productivity killers.  Along with checking social media and chatting with co-workers, I try to save any texting for a designated time. During lunch of course, but I also use it as a reward for myself, if I accomplish a certain number of tasks or one large project, I can check my phone or social media.  

Enough with the Web

For many of us, the internet is crucial to our work but it also has the potential to be the most detrimental to our productivity.  Consider using apps to block websites that you know you will frequent during the work day. It doesn’t have to last all day, break it into chunks and allow yourself to take short breaks for some surfing.

No More Chit Chat

One of the hardest distractions to avoid are co-workers who are constantly talking, whether it is work related or gossip, it is hard to overlook or not participate.  Many offices want their employees to work well with each other and be engaged, however that is walking a fine line. So, taking breaks to allow yourself to get it out of your system- with a time limit. If your neighbors are talking too loud or too much, it may be time to have a discussion with them.

There will always be something in the office or in our personal lives that can potentially distract us from our work, but by fighting the most common distractions, you’ll improve your own productivity as well as others. For more tips like these, follow us on Facebook and Twitter.