Enjoy Your Weekend and Be More Productive

Weekends tend to get the warmest welcome from a majority of hard working individuals. After a hectic workweek, some down time to relax and catch up on television shows or paging through a book that collects dust Monday through Friday seem just right. Looking beyond the relaxing vegetated state one may find there self in, a Monday is approaching without fail. That means enjoying the time off from work, but also allocating some time to prepare for the coming work week. This will reduce stress and allow you to get properly organized. Here are some tips to help get started when transitioning from an unproductive weekend to a productive week.

Wake up early Sunday morning and accomplish anything non-work related such as responding to emails from family or friends, going grocery shopping, cleaning and doing laundry, etc. Getting ahead on those tasks prevents them from getting tangled with work obligations which can reduce your productivity.

Make a list to get any ideas, events, or  meetings on paper instead of relying on memory which can fall short at times. Planning the entire week to a tentative schedule gives a guideline to what is expected to be accomplished. Clearly prioritizing the schedule ensures tasks are getting done which leads to progress toward goals. Send that schedule to co-workers Sunday so come Monday,everyone is on the same page and can discuss any necessary changes in an efficient way.

Setting aside time for a great workout can do wonders for a productive mindset and attitude. This clears the mind and makes the body feel refreshed and energized. A clear mind and positive attitude beats any Monday blues. Make it a priority to get a good night sleep as well.

The transition from a weekend filled with lounging to a week full of productivity is not a daunting task. Non-work related activities form the backbone of this process because they smooth the road for full focus in preparing for a productive week in the office. If done in an efficient manner you will still have time to soak in the rest of your Sunday and enjoy your time before the hustle and bustle begins once again.