Document Management Myths

There is a lot of confusion about document management systems, especially for small businesses. Many believe that they do not have an adequate amount of money, time or  experience to implement a document management system for themselves. However, most businesses will find that it is an asset that they didn’t even know they were missing. Here are several document management myths that are holding your business back.

It is too expensive to implement.

Historically, document management systems have been expensive and very complicated . Now, the cost of implementing a system has drastically decreased for small businesses and the process no longer requires specialists and a long implementation time period.

It is complicated to start using. 

If your business implements a complicated system, then yes, the process will be challenging to begin. However, if you gradually build an intricate system, your business and employees will have no trouble making the change. Choose a system that allows for high user adoption so employees do not have to significantly change how they work already and the system will evolve with your business.

Document management systems are only for large companies.

Because of the expensive, complicated process and the IT support and service to maintain the system, small businesses were limited in what system they could implement. Using a dated system or a system that did not fit their business’ needs caused issues with data, productivity and did not save them any money, making many feel that the document management system was not worthwhile. There are many systems now that are designed especially for smaller companies that are reasonably priced and offer the same benefits.

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